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Creative Unique Things To Do With Mason Jars Around The Home

Throwing away used mason jars is not a good idea. Instead, you can reuse the jars in many ways for home use and many other functions. This depends with how creative you are, and the needs of your home. While the needs of homes may differ, it is good to

Throwing away used mason jars is not a good idea. Instead, you can reuse the jars in many ways for home use and many other functions. This depends with how creative you are, and the needs of your home. While the needs of homes may differ, it is good to note that the use of mason jars also differ from place to place. They can be used in the kitchen, the living room, your bathroom and even outdoor uses.

Hold matchsticks.

Mason jars can be used to hold your matchsticks. Matchboxes can at times be very delicate, especially if you carry them outdoors for activities such as camping. If they fall inside water, then you know you are doomed and you may not make the best out of camping. Mason jars can help with storage of matchsticks and you can have a striker lid to help with lighting.

Salt and herb shakers

You can store salt and herb shakers in jars and label the jars to avoid any mix up. Sea salt is especially good through this mode of storage. Other herbs such as basil leaves, minced garlic and a seasoning blend of your own, can also be kept in jars.

Pencil holder

mason jar Pencil holder

A mason jar can find a variety of uses in a homeschool classroom or a home office. One such use is using it as a pencil holder. You can use it to store crayon, pencil, markers, pens and many other things that you would want to store.

Toothbrush holder

One other way of using your mason jar is a toothbrush holder. Toothbrushes should be stores in a cool place after use. You also want to keep them in one place so that you don’t easily misplace them. Mason jars really help in this purpose to keep your toothbrush safe and in good condition.

Sewing kit and pin cushion.

In the home, you may need a sewing kit and pin cushion to keep your pins and other tailoring paraphernalia. You can customize these jars and store the pins inside the jar. At the top of the jar, you can make a small soft cushion that will help to hold your pins.

Use it for drinking.

mason jar Use it for drinking

You can use a mason jar in the place of cups in the kitchen for drinking. Take your drinks in them and break the monotony of using cups every now and then. You perhaps will find your drinks sweeter and tastier.

Packing food for transportation

At times, you may want your lunch packed and transported from one place to another. If you lack containers to carry your food, worry less. You can use mason jars to pack your lunch. Since the Mason jar is made of glass, you can open the lid and warm your food in a microwave before eating it.

Baking cakes

The jars are also designed to sit in very hot water baths and they can withstand high temperatures. You can freely use them in an oven to bake cakes.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting mason jar

An outdoor summer evening may not be well spent without good lighting to enhance your experience. You can use the jars for lighting by placing a candle inside the jars. This is good especially if you want to make an outdoor table the center piece. To make it even more attractive, you can decorate the exterior of your jar with sea shells so that the glow is good enough.


mason Jars Terrariums

Both indoor and outdoor decorations can be made easier with the use of mason jars as terrariums. Mason jar terrariums can be used to keep succulents and other blossoming plants to decorate your living room, patios and garden.

Laundry usage

Just when you are about to hang your washed clothes on the clothesline, you realize that some of the pegs are missing. To avoid these experiences, you can use the jars for laundry to store your pegs and soap. Your pegs and soap are here kept safe and together so that you do not lose them.

Storage of food in a fridge

Storage of food in a fridge

To preserve some of your food, you should store them in a fridge or freezer. This is a good way of ensuring that perishable food or goods do not go bad easily. Mason jars help for this purpose. They have lids that are leak-proof, thus they do very well in a fridge. You can also store food and snacks for your kids in a mason jar.

Storage of spices

spices in mason jar

A meal that has been prepared without spices, whether natural or manufactured is not savory. You want to treat your taste buds to the delights of a sumptuous meal. Jar can use  store spices and build a spice rack. You can also package food gifts for loved ones in them. To make them decorative, you can tie a ribbon around the mouth of each jar. Packing thanksgiving leftovers is also easy using the jars, and you can carry them home safely.

Storage of salads for a week

Storage of salads for a week

At times preparing salads before a meal can be tiring and demands time and attention especially when garnishing your salad. You may have to prepare lunch salads that will take you for a whole week and store them in a mason jar. A homemade coffee creamer can also be stored in the jar. You simply pour a can of sweetened milk and add a few drops of hazelnut extract or vanilla extract. Shut the lid a shake it for about thirty seconds. The jar provides a perfect storage for your coffee creamer and is ready for use at any time.

Blending jar

You can use mason jars as blending jars. You no longer need to use a blending pitcher to make smoothies. Since you can store the smoothies in the jars, it saves you the time and work that would have been spent cleaning the pitcher.

Whipping cream

mason jar Whipping cream

Whipping cream with the use of a whisk may not be your preference. But you can make use of a mason jar and throw in the cream, then shake it for about thirty seconds. Your cream will be perfectly whipped and ready for serving.

Their no limit to what you can do with mason jars, the versatility of the jars makes them suitable for any kind of use.

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