Types of Bathroom Showers

Different Types of Bathroom Showers: Your Guide to Finding the Best

There are many different types of bathroom showers that make it difficult for you to choose the one you need when you lack prior knowledge on bathroom showers. You avoid such a situation; you can plan first before you go buy one. In your preparation this article is crucial as

There are many different types of bathroom showers that make it difficult for you to choose the one you need when you lack prior knowledge on bathroom showers. You avoid such a situation; you can plan first before you go buy one. In your preparation this article is crucial as gives you detailed information about the bathroom showers in the market. 

The way to go about the whole concept of bathroom shower types, is to decide in advance what you want to achieve. What message do you want to pass? What experience do you want to get from your bathroom?  How is the design and decoration in the rest of the rooms? With that information, you can narrow down your search to a specific bathroom shower from different types of showers displayed for sale.

Budget is also key in making your final choice. If you want to get it right, then you need to first set the budget before you start your search. All the best in your search for the most suitable bathroom shower choice. 

Bathroom shower categories

To make your planning work easier, we would like to point out that are two major categories bathroom showers namely.

Custom showers and pre-fabricated showers. Custom showers are showers that are designed specifically for your bathroom. They cost more but they are the best as you can decide and get exactly what you want.

Pre-fabricated showers refer to showers available in different shapes and sizes. The showers are ready-made, you enter a shop- and choose the one that interest you. The showers are equally good when you choose a suitable one for your bathroom.

So whether you want a customized shower or a pre-fabricated showers- you still need information. That why keep reading this post to the end. You will get information on different showers for your bathroom.

Basic differences in bathroom shower features include; different shower heads, difference in temperature control and shower accessibility. With that, the following is the list of different showers.


In thermostatic shower, you only need to set the right water temperature once. From then onwards you will get water at that temperature every time you run the shower. You don’t have to remember every time to set the temperature. Also, if the children run the shower when you are not in look out, you are assured you won’t get cases of water burns from the shower. This what you need and you are fully sorted.


This is the most popular type of bathroom shower that requires setting the temperature for the hot and cold water every time you are using the bathroom.


The advantage of electric water supply is that you don’t have to be connected to hot water supply. The shower only requires the cold water, and it’s fitted with a heater which heats the water as it runs. The shower is suitable in areas without hot water supply.


With an extra budget, you can this shower. They shower is designed as a vertical tower with various jets. At the top it has a shower head which serves as a traditional sure too. The jets spray water on your body which gives a great showering experience every time you use the bathroom shower.


These showers are commonly located at the corners and they are elegant. You access the shower through a rounded entrance. You can choose this shower enclosure you want a feel of a walk-in shower.

Rectangular enclosure showers. These shower enclosures are rectangular and situated mostly in a house corner. They give the feel of a walk-in shower, except they are having a different shape- rectangular.


This type of shower is classified based on the head. From the name, the shower head got only one setting. They are most affordable, meaning in you working on a tight budget, then this can be the best option.


The shower head gives you option to set the water steam. These showers are worthy the high cost since they give you options ranging from at least two.


This is a modern shower where the shower is not visible. The shower head is concealed in the ceiling, and whenever you run the shower, the water falls like rain.


The major difference between this shower and a concealed shower is that the shower head is visible. You can see the shower head above you where the water falls like rain whenever you run the shower.


If you are looking for spa-experience within your home, then get a body shower. The shower sprays strong jets of water at the whole of your body with a massage effect.

Final Word

This above list is not exhaustive, but it will serve as a guide in helping to successfully choose the best bathroom shower. You can research further by looking for more bathroom shower options if you want to compare with what we have given above. However, the list we have to give is of the best bathroom showers you can ever come across.

On top of the above classification of different types of bathroom showers, you also need to consider the bathroom shower material you would like to use. Based on material, there are stone bathroom showers, tile bathroom showers, and acrylic showers. The choice of material for your bathroom will depend on your personality, and the budget you have.

You also have to consider the color you want for your bathroom. If you want an unlimited choice of color to choose from, then you have to choose the stone or tile finishes. These two have a wide range of color options. But, if you want limited color options, then you can choose acrylic bathroom finish.

With all the above information at your fingertips, we guarantee you won’t go wrong in picking the best bathroom shower type. It will not matter whether you have ever shopped for different types of showers before.

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