small living room ideas on a budget

5 Cozy Small Living Room Ideas On A Budget

The room is the meeting point for any home, where the family meets at night. We enjoy meetings with our friends for long times on weekends. Renewing that space in the house can be overwhelming in terms of time and money. The daily routine help us to plan our little

The room is the meeting point for any home, where the family meets at night. We enjoy meetings with our friends for long times on weekends.

Renewing that space in the house can be overwhelming in terms of time and money. The daily routine help us to plan our little desire and the worry of limited budget to get a good result. You are right place when have low budget options but require impact. It is very useful to change your living.

Next, we share small room ideas to redecorate your space and give a touch of style without putting your portfolio at risk.

  1. Clear walls and furniture: sometimes a simple change helps a lot. If you have many decorative objects on the walls or furniture, make a selection and give away or discard what you do not like so much. Having fewer items will give a feeling of cleanliness and even more light. You could add a picture frame with the photos of your last trip to give a warm touch to the room. Place the decorative accessories in the points you want to emphasize. Take into account that the decoration helps the eye to move around a room in interesting ways.
  1. Paint: painting is one of the cheapest and easiest things you can do to change a room. Immediately, the mood will change, your room will look fresher and you will not have to spend a lot of money.
  1. Add plants: There is nothing like green in the home. The plants are a treat for the eye and can certainly change a room completely. The choice of the type of plant is personal, however, we recommend going to places where you will find very accessible prices, such as the markets of plants and flowers. In those places, the variety is so wide that you can find from the most exotic flower, to seeds to make a small garden for less than 20 pesos. It is also ideal for acquiring land, pots and all the products you need to take care of your new organic friends.
  1. Change your furniture: by doing this you will not spend more than a little energy and the change will be instantaneous. Primarily what is achieved is to get a new perspective of the same space. To amplify the result, acquire a coffee table, replace the carpet or the cushions of the chairs. That way you will not have to invest too much and you will notice the renewal.
  1. Reuse your library: books are beautiful on the outside, not just their stories. A stack of books adds color and personality without the need to buy more accessories that are expensive.

Having a nice house does not necessarily imply a big expense, use alternatives like these and tell us what else you would add to this list.

Tips to decorate a small apartment without spending a lot of money

Now you will have no excuse to give style and warmth to your spaces. Most of cities are growing vertically due to the construction of apartment buildings of various sizes. Some are large, but most of these new homes are small and you have to be very precise to decorate them.

For this reason, the interior architect gave Useful and Interesting tips for a Small living room ideas on a budget that will help you optimize the spaces and, at the same time, give warmth and functionality to your home.

Dining set

Taking as an example a department that has a dining room; architect emphasizes to give it style, it is recommended to place different chairs, mixing two designs, since with this playful form you will bring attractiveness to these spaces.


There are different types of centerpieces, but something that is very fashionable is to place a terrarium. You can do it yourself at home and in the way you will be saving money.

Bar chairs from the kitchenette

An alternative is that the banks have another design to that of the dining room set. In this way, you take advantage of spaces and you can make your guests use them.

Plants to decorate

There are no excuses to stop having plants in your apartment even if it is small. Architect recommends finding a specialist to advise you and tell you what plants to use indoors. As, not all plants are suitable for indoor spaces.

However, a good option is bamboo. As the plant stays well within a small department. In summer, require water once a week and in winter only once every two weeks. It must be near the window to receive light and ventilation.

Also, you can use different pots that can be combined with the dining room set. Remember that plants bring warmth to spaces.

Create environments with decorative elements

If you have an apartment with dining room, you can use decorative accessories that integrate both environments. For example, you can use coral or blue cushions and your chairs or other elements may have the same color.

Recycled objects

To decorate your apartment you can use recycled items and not necessarily spend on new things. For example, you can send a magazine rack or centerpiece with reused wood. In this way, you will have original decorations.

Neutral colors for large furniture

It is also advisable to using neutral colors for large objects, such as the table or armchairs and using more vivid colors for decorative accessories.

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