How to Light Your Outdoors

The Secrets Ways To Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Any Season

Just like the indoors, you can make your worthwhile your experience outdoors by simply using lighting. Lighting does magic to the general outlook and experience outdoors, especially when it is artfully installed. You can customize it according to your taste by making particular spaces or spots within the garden the

Just like the indoors, you can make your worthwhile your experience outdoors by simply using lighting. Lighting does magic to the general outlook and experience outdoors, especially when it is artfully installed. You can customize it according to your taste by making particular spaces or spots within the garden the focus. This places are usually highlighted by slightly more lighting. Also other parts of your garden can be lighted diversely to complement the architectural designs, consequently bringing out the wow-look.

Plan your outdoors to appear stylish

Layer your lights.

You may have outdoor spaces that have multiple uses. To may have to consider light layering for this spaces in order to easily change the mood by a simple flick of a switch. However, depending on the mood and style you would wish to achieve, you will have to use different types of lighting which are classified in three: ambient, task and accent.

Ambient lighting.

Ambient lighting is designed to light up the whole space. For outdoor areas, this will include ceiling lights, a large spotlight, and light coming from a ceiling fan, and several down-lights or wall lights that re well-spaced. In order to achieve control, it is possible to include a dimmer switch.

Task lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Any Season

Just as the name suggests, task lighting only light up the specific/particular place where you are performing a certain task. For example a pendant dangling over dining table or down lights hanging over savory.

Accent lighting.

Accent light adds a touch of the theater. They are used to highlight particular features that you would wish to stand out, making it warm and inviting. They are suited for trees, steps or paths, or to accentuate architectural features of an object within the garden, and even a pond.

Choosing your light

Choosing your light ideas

After a genius planning on how you would like your outdoor space to be lit, you will need to select and install the lights. Some of the lighting that you could choose from are Black outdoor lights, Bronze and Nickel outdoor lights, gold, brass and copper outdoor lights, lanterns, John Cullen lighting and LEDs.

Before purchasing outdoor lighting, it is important to know the difference in the metal that has been used. There are various pros and cons on the various metals that are used. Some of the metals that are used for outdoor fixtures of lighting are bronze, gold, brass copper among others.

Bronze and nickel outdoor lights.

Bronze lighting fixtures that have a finish of nickel, which resembles stainless steel, are very durable. They do not rust easily and make a good deal for outdoor lighting.

Gold, brass and copper outdoor lights

Gold is clearly the most expensive metal. Gold laced fixtures give a luxurious feel to the outdoor areas. They sparkle when lit, but may not be durable. Brass is known to be a hard metal seeing that it is an alloy of both copper and zinc. Fixtures of brass last for many years. It however turns darker over time since it is exposed to several elements in nature, but it does not corrode. It is best for outdoor lighting especially at the coastal areas. Copper is not quite as compact as brass but is however good for lighting. Lighting fixtures made from the three metals – brass that is coated with copper and laced with gold – makes a good material.


Lanterns are probably the most used in outdoor lighting, because they are cheap, practical and are multipurpose. Others are portable, having a hook to hang on trees and a cylinder enclosure to keep the lights from going out. Some other examples of lantern lights such as Large Miners Lantern, Large Light Lantern and Cornbury Rechargeable LED Lantern offer variety. Lanterns should be weatherproof, being able to withstand adverse weather conditions throughout the year.

John Cullen lighting

Was developed in the year 1981 by John Cullen lighting, and is a frontier in the lighting project. This lighting offers good design flair that complements architectural genius in the outdoor setting. This lighting is designed to reflect good looks, and to maintain a balance in decorative fixtures thus setting a good mood.


LED lights are by far the cheapest especially for outdoor installation and power consumption. The power that is used up in a lighting system using LED is very low especially when compared to Halogen lights.

Planning a garden lighting Scheme

When planning a garden lighting scheme, it is first important to know where to position outdoor lights. In order to achieve this, you first zone the outdoor area, considering the various forms of light at your disposal. The area can be zoned into access paths, secluded places, major routes, decorative features and suitable plants. Then you experiment with a torch. This helps to identify the places within outdoor space that require to be more lit. You can also try up-lighting trees to see the effect of the light. A good choice of tree is also essential. As you light up the outdoors, it is important that you treat the outdoors as indoors for a good effect. You should also endeavor to balance security and aesthetics.

Advantages of outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting comes along with its own fair share of benefits. It provides safety in the dark hours, thus helping you maneuver around outside your home. It also helps you find your way around, especially for lighting on the steps/stairs and along paths. Since it enhances ambiance in the home, it gives family and guest alike a warm and welcoming feel. It also highlights interesting landscapes and architectural features. This makes them more attractive and catchy to the eyes. It also creates a comfortable and a communal neighborhood.

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