How To Make A Succulent Terrarium

How To Make A Succulent Terrarium

Talk of living artwork, as a creative way to decorate a room, the garden or even the lawn of a house. Succulent terrarium ideas is the perfect example of a living artwork. This is because the materials used in coming up with one are readily available at anyone’s disposal, and

Talk of living artwork, as a creative way to decorate a room, the garden or even the lawn of a house. Succulent terrarium ideas is the perfect example of a living artwork. This is because the materials used in coming up with one are readily available at anyone’s disposal, and are living, green plants. The procedures that are involved are not only easy but also fun to work around with, giving room for creativity and the final product is superb. Nothing can be as satisfactory as walking through a garden or a lawn, or even sitting in a room that is well embellished by these.

Some of the succulent plants that will be recommendable in setting up this mini-desert eco-system are: a voodoo or Sedum spurium which has an amazing texture. Another plant is the sunset strain having beautiful flowers. The Chinese Dunce Cap that has is multi-colored and many others. A good choice of the glass terrarium for the hanging adds to the magnificence. The glass should be good enough to allow for evaporation of water. A sizable hole of the terrarium also allows for good air flow. This also helps to keep the glass chamber from being humid, so that it does not lead to the death of the succulent.

Succulent Terrarium ideas

The materials used in setting up are readily available. We simply gather up the succulent cuttings, get some sand (any sand-work such as gravel), a small watering can (or spray bottle), a glass terrarium, activated carbon (or charcoal), and a compost that is suitable for cacti and succulents. You will also need gardening gloves and a hand trowel. When gathering the succulent, you may have to nip them off a parent plant. As a result, some parts may be broken, and may not form roots. The cuttings should sit in a cool place for a couple of days while exposed to sunlight, for the broken ends to callus over.

Simple procedures are involved in setting up. Firstly, you prepare the base of the terrarium, by placing a layer of the small gravel or sand. The hand trowel comes in handy in this step to scoop and prepare the gravel or sand at the base. You may even use your hands since you have a pair of gardening gloves on. (But as much as possible, use the hand trowel to scoop the gravel or sand). Then sprinkle a very fine layer of charcoal above the sand/gravel. The sand /gravel ensures that there is drainage of excess water. The charcoal keeps away moss, mold or any uninvited micro-organisms from growing and taking over the planter. Mound up the gravel/sand at the back of the terrarium to create some height and to form a sloping hill.

On top of the gravel base, using the hand trowel, add about an inch of the specialist cactus compost. This type of soil should be fast-draining and should not retain moisture. The succulent takes root and the soil provides the anchor for the roots.

Succulent Terrarium layers

Before planting the succulent terrarium layers, the soil needs to be moist. Using the spray bottle or the watering can, water the soil. The water is not supposed to too much because the roots of the succulent would rot.

The part where creativity is needful is when you are planting the succulent cuttings. Place the cuttings in the specialist soil in such to suit your taste. It is always looks great and gorgeous when you go for the taller plants for the back-side to add height. Plant the remaining cuttings in order of height. Push any large pieces available inside the terrarium. To make everything to shine and look awesome is always to space evenly to avoid overcrowding. This spacing helps the cuttings to form root, and to maintain magnificence in display. Also ensure that the roots are completely covered in the specialist soil, for purposes of rooting. You can even add a little soil, just to ensure that the plant is stabilized.

Using a paint brush, gently brush off any excess dirt from the leaves of the succulent. As a finishing touch, you can dress the terrarium with decorations to add to the overall ambience. And finally, hang the succulent terrarium with pride for display. You can deck the walls of your room, or even your shop to make it more attractive. You can also put some of this in your garden or even put them in a strategic place within your lawn. Some succulent terrariums are used in weddings to enhance the beauty of the occasion, which the mini-desert eco-system affords. A perfect gift to a loved one on special occasions. When selecting the right place to station the terrarium, you ensure that it is a cool place, where it is easily reached by sunlight and there is free circulation of air.

Terrarium after-care is very important and you have to understand just how to do it right. However, not much is involved in taking care of the succulent after it has been planted.  The cuttings take a few weeks to develop roots. It is therefore important to keep the terrarium in a bright place, easily accessed or bathed with sunlight to help in the development of the roots.

The heat from the sunlight helps to evaporate the water, and it is used in by the plant for other plant-processes. Like any other plant, water is an essential for development. Spray the succulents about once a week. The soil only needs to be kept moist or damp but not soaking. The water should also evaporate easily and the soil should dry completely before watering again.

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