How to Make an Easy DIY Chalkboard Wall

How To Make Your Own Chalkboard Wall Easy & Simplest Way?

The chalkboard is a most useful addition which not only secures house walls nevertheless provides ease for a to-do list, grocery list etc. Chalkboard is the intelligent idea for kid’s room, home office, garage etc. In addition, it not just offers the best fun for kids but also allows you

The chalkboard is a most useful addition which not only secures house walls nevertheless provides ease for a to-do list, grocery list etc. Chalkboard is the intelligent idea for kid’s room, home office, garage etc. In addition, it not just offers the best fun for kids but also allows you to write a grocery list, meal menu, checklist, to-do assignments etc.

Henceforth, it is crucial to have a blackboard wall in your home, therefore in this article, we compiled up some simplest steps or ideas to create a chalkboard ideas.

Chalkboard wall ideas

In case you have empty wall space in the house so why don’t you stay inventive with chalkboard wall to increase a factor of excitement and fun. The chalkboard is truly a fun full addition for kid’s play area as well as it can be used in a very practical way. This creative practical project is the best fit for a house in which a family is needed any functional area to follow reminders point.

Certainly, if you need to redesign room space along with a creative touch then you should consider the chalkboard wall. In particular, it is a super easy task to complete even in just a weekend. Moreover family members, no matter what ages, they will find writing on the direct wall more convenient, exciting and convenient.

Step-by-Step Procedure: How do I make a chalkboard wall?

Everyone can easily make chalkboard wall in the very short time span. There are varieties of paint manufacturers produce distinctive chalkboard paint, which is high quality and easily accessible. Mainly local home improvement chalkboard store near you carry chalkboard paint in even a variety of colours but black is the primary colour for this task.

In general, you will need these following things for making a chalkboard wall.

  • Painter’s tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Rust-free chalkboard paint
  • Paint roller
  • Paintbrush
  • Primer
  • Spackle
  • Contrasting paint
  • Eraser & chalk

Step #1 Wall Preparation & Safety Measures

Initially, you should cover all nearby items with a cloth to prevent from paint drops. Then you should figure out how large chalkboard you want on the wall and utilize painter’s tape to frame that considered a section of wall. It is your decision or wishes to paint a section or an entire wall.  Now you need to start the cleaning process, ensure the wall surface is dry or grease-free, for this, you can use a damp cloth to wipe off the wall.

Next, you should make sure every screw or nail removing as well as fill up the left holes with spackle and make it smooth with the wall. After this, you should wait for a while to let the filling dry and then apply sand to the marked area or entire wall smoothly.

In case your marked wall includes a bit portion of glossy paint then do not worry and apply sand on the whole target wall, which as a result help chalkboard paint stick to it effectively. On the other hand, you can paint over the primer on the area before applying the chalkboard paint layer. In both cases, you need to let the wall dry thoroughly.

Step #2 Now Apply Chalkboard Paint

First mix the paint well and apply first coat by using a paint roller, then let the first coat dry for least 3 to 4 hours. It is important to apply a thin first coat so it dries fast.

After this apply a second coat (by using manufacturers guide) and after 1 to 2 days remove painter’s tape carefully.

How to paint a chalkboard wall

  • If you are using paint roller then it is better to pour paint in a flat tray
  • Although you can use foam paintbrush, to paint down small area while for larger chalkboard walk you should use a paint roller
  • Ventilation-free area is good for this task if you are unprofessional
  • Never pour excessive paint into bucket or tray, pour enough paint which can be used for one coat at a time, as the paint dries fast
  • However, you are free to choose any pain colour but dark green, dark blue and black colours are the most prominent choices for chalkboard wall nowadays.

Step #3 Time to Paint a Frame

How To Make Your Own Chalkboard Wall

There are some people think of the step is not essential. However, this is the crucial step to make the transition between the rest of the wall and chalkboard. It is important to make a border or frame by using any (your choice) contrasting colour around the chalkboard.

You can simply tape the frame and apply contrasting colour paint by using a paintbrush. Then remove the painter’s tape when the paint is a dry well.


  • Use a small paintbrush to paint a frame, in this way you can end with finished edges
  • The frame is the crucial part of chalkboard wall which also adds refinement to your house wall

Step #4 Conditioning or Priming of Wall

Finishing off the wall is the most delicate and important step in which a slight mistake or negligence can hurt your brand new chalkboard wall.  If your chalkboard arts appeared visible streaks so you can sand the area by using sandpaper. Then by using a cloth, you can dust off the sand.

Now simply rub the chalk all over the chalkboard surface, this step enables you to erase chalkboard easier. Then simply take a dry cloth and wipe off the chalk. Now you have your chalkboard designs ready to use.


  • For this process, use soft chalk which allows you to rub entire surface easily
  • During this process never use a wet cloth
  • You can use simple dry cloth or chalkboard eraser

Step #4 Maintenance of Chalkboard

Maintaining the chalkboard designs is not really tricky. All you need to clean the chalkboard by using simple damp cloth and thoroughly wipe off well. After this, simply condition chalkboard area by using chalk and wipe it off to get perfect chalkboard.

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