How to decorate with throw pillows

Keys To Decorating With Throw Pillows For Your Living Room

Room decoration can as well be a difficult task since the eyes may be used to a given style or pattern of decorations. It is needful to keep changing styles every now and then just to ensure that the glow in your room is preserved. This requires high creativity and

Room decoration can as well be a difficult task since the eyes may be used to a given style or pattern of decorations. It is needful to keep changing styles every now and then just to ensure that the glow in your room is preserved. This requires high creativity and sometimes you may be lost for options. But worry not. Throw pillows could save the day for you. They come in different colors and simply mingling these colors on your throw pillows will bring the desired sparkle to your room. This mode of decoration is simple and does the magic not only to your cozy sofas in the living room but also to the enhancement of the overall ambience of the room. Your living room will be the talk of your guests when next they pay a visit. They are also a perfect décor for your bedroom.

Key to decorating with throw pillows

Key to decorating with throw pillows

You may want to achieve various looks as you use throw pillows to decorate your room. There three kinds of looks that could be achieved, that is the modern look, the traditional look or even the eclectic look.

Modern look

The use of modern accent pillows helps achieve this kind of look. The pillows could be used on sofas and beds and they look pretty when they sit on these pieces of furniture. These pillows come in different colors and fabric which complement one another. You should get an odd number of pillows to help achieve a modern look, rather than the traditional pair. If you choose square shaped pillows, then large sizes would be good in order to showcase the solid color and pattern.

Traditional look

Pillows can have various fine art tapestries that bring a desired traditional look to your room. Floral designs, to the designs of flags and other objects and animals that are traditionally accepted or loved within a community/society could appear on such pillows. They may have the same size. Order and symmetry can here be achieved by the use of pairs of pillows. You can place the pillows on either sides of your sofa.

Eclectic look

This style brings together various uses of color, shape, texture and finish. You may use an even number of pillows. Three or five pillows, placing two in one corner of your sofa and placing one pillow in the other corner, brings out an eclectic look. You want it to appear as though the pillows were just placed on the sofa.

Decorator tips on picking the right throw pillows

Decorator tips on picking the right throw pillows

A new splash of color and pattern of textile can give your room a whole new atmosphere. A few tips on how to decorate your room with throw pillows can be very helpful to you.

Mix and match.

Ensure you mix and match pillows in your room. Pick different colors, textures, shapes and styles and even patterns. You can have a variety of ideas on how to mix and match and even position your pillows in an inviting order.

Pillow pattern

You can have the same pattern of pillow positioning on two different chairs or on either ends of the sofa. You can even use pillows of different sizes to acquire a desired pattern. If you layer smaller and larger pillows on a sofa, you add a new and unique twist that brings comfort.

Bold color

The use of bold colors can come in handy when you want to add a wow-factor to the general look. You can also layer patterned pillows and solid colored pillows to achieve a wonderful flair.

Pick an anchor color.

If there is, in your room, a piece of furniture that brings out that pop color, ensure that the choice of your pillows do not outshine this particular one. Rather, they should complement it without necessarily outshining it.


Maintain simplicity even as you use throw pillows for your decorations. Simplicity, as opposed to complexity, makes your room look more appealing and attractive to the eyes.

Go away the beaten path of throw pillows.

You should consider trying new things throw pillows that have not been tried before. This tincture of creativity enables you to be unique in your own way. It is however important that you consider simplicity and the mix and match rule in order to be on the right track of things.

Personalizing throw pillows

You can make throw pillows personal by adding a black and white family photo to it.


Size is one important aspect that you should consider when choosing your throw pillows. For sofas of typical dimensions, a standard sized pillow of about 18 inches is good enough. In order to achieve a casual and loungey feel to your living room, you could use pillows of large sizes.

Know about fill.

You do not want to get pillows that are stiff but those that are squish. Synthetic fill give a stiff feel to the pillows. However, feather-and-down fill provides more squish and is good enough for you.

Number of pillows

You should use an odd number of pillows since they are more artful compared to a pair of pillows. Depending on the size of your furniture, you can choose about three or five pillows.


You want the texture that offers traction and provides warmth. That texture which will also not let pillows slide off your chair. Linen or leather or even silk provide good tactile and appear cozy on the couch.

Think of pillows in your room as a family.

In a normal family set up, not everyone is same. However, the differences complement each other so that in the long run, the family is compact. The pillows on your chair do not have to necessarily march. However, positioning or arrangement should ensure that there is some relationship that is still maintained.

Guide to choosing throw pillows

Guide to choosing throw pillows

You should consider a few things before picking throw pillows to use on your room. Below are discussed a few tips for you to look at:

Pillow shape

There is an assortment of pillow shapes that you can choose from. The shapes vary from rectangular to square shapes. Others are oblong while other are circular. The use of the pillows should inform your choice. Square shaped pillows are best for full back comfort. A rectangular pillow supports the lower back and the neck, and is good for leaning on.

Round pillows are the best to bring out balance between the square pillows and the rectangular ones. They are more comfortable to sit on.  Bolster pillows are most commonly used on beds to prop up your back or arm when seated. They are also good for sofas. Lumbar throw pillows are usually oblong or rectangular shaped. They are designed to provide back support. They can also be sued to decorate the armchair.

Pillow fabric

Feel and look are accentuated by the fabric of the pillow. You should also select the right fabric depending on the places they are used. For family and pets, sturdier fabric will do well. For the master bedroom, you can choose the luxurious pure silks. Cotton fabric is durable and offer a casual feel. They are easy to wash and is the ideal choice for pets and young children. Velvet also adds warmth to your space. They are suitable for winter or cold evenings. Linen pillows have low maintenance. This is because they are blended with durable fabrics such as polyester and cotton. Wool on the other hand is good for cold months or retreats at the mountains.

Pillow fillings and inserts

There are two profiles under which throw pillows are classified. The decorative pillows and normally stuffed and sewn permanently. Other pillows are tied, zippered or buttoned over an insert. The removable version is generally a better option, especially when you need to do laundering regularly.

With the filling, a feather-filled pillow offers a more relaxed and luxurious touch and feel. Synthetic fiber fillings on the other hand can get compressed over time due to daily usage. It is difficult to regain the initial shape of the pillow, especially after they become flattish. Down pillows are usually softer and last longer than the synthetic version. However they are costly. For pillows that will be used regularly, down pillows make the best choice. They can be fluffed to shape easily and are more comfortable. Foam fill is good for round or bolsters throw pillows. This is because they hold the shape better than synthetic polyester or down.

Your budget

Throw pillows look better when you have multiple. You should consider buying them in bulk. This may also save on cost, since buying single pillows may cost much as opposed to buying in bulk.

Decorating habits

To break monotony, you may wish to change the styles you use to decorate your home with throw pillows. You may have to consider pillows that have removable covers so that you can easily switch styles without much strain.

You should choose throw pillows that will be easier for you to look after or maintain.

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