List of Top Quality High End Furniture Manufacturers USA

High End Furniture Manufacturers USA

Do you know there are many high end furniture manufacturers usa? As a client you face great challenge in finding out the best furniture manufacturers offering competitive prices too for their products. Going around window- shopping and bargaining is not only hectic but also time consuming. This articles makes your work easier. You only need to read through and you get a list of the top 10 furniture manufacturers in usa. The information will save you time and transport cost too.

Customers have different tastes and preferences when it comes to furniture. We will give you a detailed review of each high end furniture manufacturers list, and you will be the judge based on you taste in terms of materials used, shapes and sizes, color and pricing.

Lexington Furniture

Lexington Furniture is known globally to be a leading furniture producer. When looking for quality you must have this brand at the top of your list. They are committed to satisfy their customers, and they offer wide range of furniture designs for the customers to choose from.

You get a memorable experience shopping at Lexington Home Brands. They ensure you get all you need at affordable prices and hassle free.

Interestingly, they not only specialize in furniture only but they also deal with the whole package of home décor. You will find décor items like rugs, pillows, appliances, and outdoor furniture under one roof. You don’t have travel around to collect different pieces of décor. Lexington makes sure all your needs are taken care of under one roof. You are able to compare colors for different pieces that blend well with your furniture.

Raymore and Flannigan

This store specializes in traditional decoration concepts. The firm has a long history hence it has been tested over the years to be reliable for all your traditional home décor. While the company started as a small family organization, today the company is a huge entity with a name and market command.

You are able to get all what you need to decorate different spaces of your household. The pricing is friendly too.


Bernhardt is a trusted furniture dealer that has been in existence for many decades. It was established as a family business which has since grown to globally renowned brand.

American Signature

Quality products is all you get from American Signature. The furniture is well priced and you are guaranteed of getting value for your money. The firm deals with both contemporary furniture and classical designs.

Apart from quality the company offers you a huge variety of home decoration products to choose from.

Hooker Furniture.

Before you walk in to Hooker Furniture stores you need to at least have made up your mind on the category of furniture you need- traditional or contemporary furniture. The company offers a wide range of fancy décor pieces which take you time to settle on one. To save yourself the hassle, you can first get a rough idea of what you need. You will really have good time shopping at Hooker Furniture. The shop assistants will also help around in making your final decision on your purchase.

In making your shopping easier, hooker manufacturers have ensured you can get their products from the furniture store near you.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware, based in California, deals with diverse household products ranging from outdoor and indoor furniture, to children products. To ensure the company remains relevant, they ensure they keep up with the emerging trends in the industry.

They sell up to date products hence you are guaranteed to get recent furniture designs that are top trending from their stores.

Carolina Chair Inc.

Carolina Chair Inc has an interesting history of how they grown to where they are today. To remain at the top of their game, they have ensured they keep pace with the emerging trends. While in the past they relied on the best channels of trade then, today, they focused on maximizing on the use of internet to meet their customer needs.

They priories the customer interests making sure the gets customized furniture. If you are very particular when it comes to furniture, then you should consider Carolina Chair Inc. They to customize your order to fit your preference and needs. You are able to get very unique pieces of décor from them. Additionally, they mind your pocket by charging affordable prices for their products. Their furniture is affordable even by the common citizens. They are able to serve masses that has immensely contributed to their success.

Simply Amish

They pride themselves in quality and elegancy. Their furniture is of higher standard compared to other manufacturers. They have well equipped and properly skilled craftsmen who are keen on details to deliver quality.

Their products are made from hardwood which guarantees your durability. You can actually get classy furniture that will serve you for a lifetime from this company.