Ideas for Floating Shelves

Adorable Floating Shelves Ideas & Designs for Every Room

Floating shelves refer to wall shelves that appear to be floating against the wall. The brackets supporting the shelves are hidden within the shelves. These kind of shelves can be nicely fixed in different ways for decoration and create storage space. The shelves are not only beautiful, but they offer

Floating shelves refer to wall shelves that appear to be floating against the wall. The brackets supporting the shelves are hidden within the shelves. These kind of shelves can be nicely fixed in different ways for decoration and create storage space.

The shelves are not only beautiful, but they offer more spaces to display items. They can be used to display art-work, or books. The shelves can actually give a home an office look.

The floating shelves can be used in any room. If you need the floating shelves, you have to think of what you need them for. Also, assess where you want to use them. Check the space available. You can use the floating shelves anywhere, for any purpose. The floating shelves are very attractive and occupy less space.

It doesn’t matter whether you house is big or small. You always need to create extra spaces. The floating shelves are all you need to create more spaces. The spaces can be used to display artwork, or store books and other items.

The shelves are commonly made of wood. The shelves not only create storage spaces, but also make a home look beautiful. There are so many ideas of fixing floating shelves you may not even have imagined of. You need to learn of ways you can place the shelves

Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful with Floating Shelves Ideas

The following are ideas for floating shelves to beautify your room. Note that the shelves can be placed anywhere, and for different reasons.

Living room

Ideas for Floating Shelves

It’s possible to have floating shelves in the living room. The shelves can be used to display the dishes beautifully, without occupying huge space unnecessarily. Basically, in the living room, shelves are used not for storage par say, but for displaying art-work which makes the living room welcoming and elegant to live in.

The floating shelves are even best suited for tenants who are not supposed to make a lot of holes on walls of a rented house. The shelves can easily be adjusted to serve the purpose without inconvenience.

Storage spaces

Floating shelves are simple and inexpensive ways of creating extra spaces in a room. With a small knowledge you comfortably fix floating shelves the rooms you need them, without engaging the services of a technical person. The shelves serve the same purpose as the normal shelves. The only advantage they have over normal shelves is that, they are easy to fix, and occupy less space.

Interior decoration

Floating Shelves Ideas

The shelves make the items placed on them seem to be floating. Shelves can be used to display art collection very conveniently. Make sure the shelves of the same color as the wall. This way the pieces will appear as though they are floating the space.

Hall ways and small rooms like bathrooms.

You have hallways that you want to utilize, and you don’t know which kind of furniture will fit there. Floating shelves can be fixed so conveniently along the hallways. A rustic shelve can look classy and cool along such narrow spaces. The shelves will draw some attention. They can be used to hold perfume bottles or any other items. Actually, you can just fix a rustic floating shelve on any narrow space within your house, which you can’t easily figure out how to utilize it.


In some cases, there no enough spaces in the bedroom to place a bedside table. But you don’t have to worry, since a floating shelf can be the solution. The shelves are not however limited to small bedrooms. They can be used even in spacious bedrooms to create extra space for more books and artwork.


Floating Shelves Ideas

Kitchen is one of the places you need shelves. Floating shelves can make the kitchen neat and appealing. The shelves will occupy less space, and serve the purpose well. Everything you may need in the kitchen is readily accessible since you don’t have to open shelf doors to search for it.

Creating spaces

Have you considered creating more spaces anywhere within your house? Spaces do hold extra items. The floating shelves are all you need. You can use floating shelves to create space in the kitchen, home office, living room, etc.

Fill nook

Floating shelves can be customized to fit any space that would have been very difficult to fit any other furniture. Those spaces you would have otherwise ignored can be fully utilized by fitting a floating shelf.

Large and white floating shelves

In the contemporary interior design, large and white shelves are preferred. The shelves run from one wall end to another. The shelves can be used for house organization buy displaying important collections

Personalized floating shelves

Everybody with a particular taste for style when it comes to design, can try out floating shelves. The shelves can be used express one’s taste for interior design.

Offset floating shelves

The shelves don’t have to run from left to right. You can have asymmetrical shelves that can allow for the tall pieces.

Black shelves

Room decoration is all about creativity and art without limitations. You can have black shelves.

Corner shelves

You can use floating shelves at the house corners. Since huge cabinets are being replaced by shelves, you can have the shelves anywhere within the rooms. Even the spaces are the corners can be fully used by fitting these types of shelves. These shelves are most suitable in kitchen spaces or in small rooms.

Maybe you want to know how to install the floating shelves now that you know you can have them anywhere within your house.  Below are a few tips to use in fixing the shelves;

  • Using a stud finder, locate where on the wall you want to locate the shelves.
  • Mark the position for fasteners, and establish whether the marks are straight.
  • Use anchors to hold the shelves. The choice of the anchors is determined by what you want to use the shelves for.
  • If you got a challenge in choosing the anchor, you can consult a technician in your local hardware to help you choose.

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