How To Decorate Mongolian Fur Pillows

Ideas To Make Your Space More Cozy By Mongolian Fur Pillows

From throw pillows to Mongolian fur pillows, nothing makes your sofas in the living room and your bed look more luxurious and relaxing. While the fill in your pillows matters a lot, so that the pillows to not appear stiff, the fur covering the pillow adds a twist to the

From throw pillows to Mongolian fur pillows, nothing makes your sofas in the living room and your bed look more luxurious and relaxing. While the fill in your pillows matters a lot, so that the pillows to not appear stiff, the fur covering the pillow adds a twist to the uniqueness of your pillow. Mongolian fur pillows are the best when it comes to class, coziness, uniqueness, convenience elements and a host of other features which avail desired benefits to users. It is the hit product. It is good to know just how to cover your pillows with Mongolian fur.

Mongolian fur is made of wool that has been sheared from sheep, lambs and sometimes even yak. Mongolia is a country rich with livestock. Over thirty million livestock assures Mongolia of a continuous supply of animal products. The country experiences both extremes in weather. It is very hot in summer and very cold during winter. The animals have adapted to the climatic conditions they are exposed to by growing fur during winter to cover their bodies and preserve heat, to keep them warm. During summer, when it is hot, they shed off their fur. Nomads will make use of the fur, which instead of going to waste, is sheared and sold to make a living. Some may think that Mongolian fur is inhumane and cruel. Nomads however help the animals from misery under the hot weather by reducing their padding in order to survive the harsh weather. The lambs/sheep are not necessarily killed in order to get the fur.

So, How To Decorate Mongolian Fur Pillows

How To Decorate Mongolian Fur Pillows

There are however faux fur which take the semblance of Mongolian fur. The fur is used on pillows for decorations but are less puffy as the Mongolian fur. The animals in Mongolia have to adapt to the climate in that country, therefore their fur is inflated and very warm. The fur can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them as covers for your pillows, on poufs, carpets, bedcovers, chairs, rugs, leg stool, blankets, cushion covers and the whatnot.

Mongolian fur for oversized pillows.

There are pillows as large as twenty four inches. When covered with Mongolian fur, they change the outlook of your home. They are attractive and you could layer it with other pillows of different sizes, shapes and color.

Oversized floor pillows.

A floor pillow should ideally avail luxury and comfort as you sit or put your legs on it. The comfy feel of the pillow and the warmth it gives because of the fur, is indescribable. You could strategically position these pillows on the floor to give a lounge-like feel.

Lamb fur for throw pillows.

Beautifully crafted throw pillows that are covered with lamb furs is everything you can wish for. The curly texture gives remarkable comfort and a worthwhile experience. There are a variety of colors. This colors can be mixed and matched to add to the elegance of your room. it not only lights your room, but also the heart.

Fog grey color Sheepskin pillow cover.

It is made with sheep fur. The color of the pillow makes it resistant to dirt. You can use these pillows to decorate your sofas and bedroom. They are equally of good quality, providing warmth and coziness. There are an assortment of colors which can also be mixed and matched to achieve good ambience for your living room or the bedroom.

Decorating the living room

How To Decorate Mongolian Fur Pillows

Different splash of color on your pillows can bring a decorative aspect. Playing around with colors which complement or contrast each other can bring a good feel to your room. The fur pillows that have bold colors can match very well with those that are checkered or have less bold colors. Your arrangement of this pillows matters a lot too.

To achieve both a modern and eclectic look in the living room, use an odd number of the fur pillows on your sofa. Usually, three or five pillows do the trick for you. You can place two pillows in one corner of the sofa and the other one at the opposite end. Floor pillows also help achieve elegance in your living room. You can place them directly in front of the chair or sofa, or beside a piece of furniture for you to sit on.

You should place the pillows where people can touch it. This will bring accolades to you because of your good taste. The fur will bring a good feel to the hands as you cuddle the pillow.

Decorating the bedroom

How To Decorate Mongolian Fur Pillows

Most of the time in the day is actually spent in the bedroom. Mostly it is the night hours. However, your bedroom should be appealing to the eyes and bring the comfy atmosphere. Mongolian fur pillows do a good job in this. You can always place your head on the pillows if need be. It is also important for you to play around with color and sizes of your pillows in order to decorate your bedroom. Large sized pillows can sit at the back on your bed. You then arrange the smaller-sized pillows in front of the large pillow. Other pillows can be placed at the foot of the bed, on the floor, or in the sides. A colorful rug or carpet on the bedroom floor can also enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

Cleaning your Mongolian fur pillows

This pillows, like any other item of clothing, can get dirty due to continual use. “Cleanliness,” they say, “is next to godliness.” You want to maintain the sparkle on your Mongolian fur pillows. When they get dirty or stained, you should be able to clean them. Minor or smaller stains that may appear on the pillow can be washed away using a piece of cloth that has been dabbed in a bleach-free or non-enzyme detergent. You can also opt for machine washing that is specialized for washing delicate material. There are machines that may spoil the fabric of the pillow. It is therefore recommendable to have a cleaner that specializes in sensitive material.

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