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Chic Styling Ideas of Modern Living Room Adorned With Cowhide Rugs

Animal products have a variety of uses. For a long time hides for a cow have been used to make leather shoes and belts, and the whatnot. The trend is changing as a result of the use of cowhide rugs. For a long time, cowhide rugs have been perceived to

Animal products have a variety of uses. For a long time hides for a cow have been used to make leather shoes and belts, and the whatnot. The trend is changing as a result of the use of cowhide rugs. For a long time, cowhide rugs have been perceived to be a country home style of decoration, but not anymore. Different applications of design on the cowhide rug will give it a modern look, which is ideal for all homes –both country home and city home. You can decorate your home with wall sconces, paintings, terrariums, and play around with lightnings, and use throw pillows and the whatnot to make your living room look good. Cowhide rugs do the finishing in a stylish way. It feels very good to the feet to step on a rug made of cow hide. You can stencil the cowhide rug with various patterns of your choice that will give an incredible look to your living room. They are versatile and can be used almost anywhere in the home or even the office. They are easy to clean and very durable and can last ere many days.

They exist in a wide range of colors, prints, patterns, shapes, and how to place a cowhide rug? Below the some ideas for your modern living room.

Decorating with cowhide rugs tips of living room

decorating with cowhide rugs tips

Your room may be having dark floors or walls. You can use a cowhide rug to brighten your living room. This rug brings a glow or sparkle to the room. A choice of a bright color on the cowhide rug will do the trick. The contrast will be beautiful to the eyes.


You can layer an old rug on the cowhide rug. Whether you intend to cover or hide a stain, or it is just a creative way, this layering brings out a cozier feel. It is a creative art comes out beautifully especially when you mix and match the colors and shades. You can also layer it on a solid colored rug with natural fiber. This kind of dressing is incredibly awesome and is just one of the ways you can get creative around the rugs.

The organic shape

A traditional cowhide has a distinct, organic shape. Using this to the living room adds a subtle accent to the living room. You may even opt for a circular shaped style which is perfect for smaller spaces.

Accident proof

Pets in the house can be a bit naughty at times, and stain your pillows and even the rugs. But this particular rug, is stain proof. It is easy to clean, and you can wipe out the little stains with a wet sponge. The material is such that liquids cannot penetrate through it and can work well with kids in your family.

The welcoming warmth

The natural look and the traditional shape gives an inviting look to your living room. They will be the talk of the next get-together when placed in your living room. They are good for a small space and give a neutral touch to the space within which they are used.

Small spaces and bare floor

Cowhide rugs are the ideal way of dressing your room, especially small spaces and bare floors. They highlight these particular places and give an outlook that you would want to stare at all the time. Instead of living the bare floor without covering, cowhides can come in handy to not only provide cover, but also color and a touch of décor.

Colorful Cowhide decorating ideas

Cowhide decorating ideas

Black and white shades

There are an assortment of colors that can be used on the cowhide shades. The black and white color is particularly good with a light and bright interior. You can throw it underneath your coffee table and this provides a strong contrast especially when the coffee table is black in color.

Black and brown shades

The black and brown or even white and brown shades do well when they complement wooden furniture in your room. They also enhance the overall ambience when they are placed on wooden floors.


A cold winter evening passed by the fireplace is made more relaxing and inviting when you use a cowhide rug in front of the fireplace. The rug can be placed in the space between the fireplace and an armchair which you can rock as you admire the flames. Playing a guitar may be the best activity during these wonderful hours.

Reading and relaxing atmosphere

Reading any good literature may require the right environment or atmosphere which will enable you to understand better and absorb your attention to the piece that you are reading. You may decide to retire to a solitary place for you to get this feel or atmosphere. Cowhide rugs may just do the trick for you. You can place it in your living room underneath a chair. It provides a warm, inviting atmosphere fit for reading and relaxation. A serene and calm atmosphere is the result of this orientation.

how to place a cowhide rug

Good care should be taken as you use the cowhide rug. The hair on the rug should not be entirely lost otherwise it would result to a rug that is not so appealing to the eyes. When you want to clean the rug, you may use a wet sponge to wipe out the stains on the rug. A vacuum cleaner is another good way of cleaning the rug when it is stained or has dust on it. When water is poured on it, it is good to wipe it out as soon as you can so that it does not soak.

It is possible to use a rug that has faux fur, but a cowhide rug is the ideal for your living room especially when your home has pets and children. The rug can also be used in children’s nursery for them to crawl and learn how to walk. This rug, has a host of other benefits and uses, which if we try to tell, the lips can only start. The best way to go about it is to experience the wonderful uses of the rug.

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