Small Living Room Ideas And Color Schemes For A Cosy, Cute And Compact Space

There are hundreds of nice photos of decorated large rooms online. What you should know is that room decoration is not limited to spacious rooms. There are many ways you can get a small room decorated. This article is for you if you are asking how that is possible. A

There are hundreds of nice photos of decorated large rooms online. What you should know is that room decoration is not limited to spacious rooms. There are many ways you can get a small room decorated. This article is for you if you are asking how that is possible.

A small living room, whether your own or rented, can look stylish. Here, you will get ideas that will help you get the best and stylish look for your small living room. Do you know where to start? First you need to consider the wall colors, shape of the room, and your preference.

A small living room serves as an entertainment room, relaxing room, and a study room all at the same time. The room should serve all these functions without the feeling of it being small. Decoration plays a key role in ensuring the room is inviting, warm, well lit and aerated, classy and spacious.

The main essence of decorating a small room is to make it feel bigger than it is. You can always try new things until you achieve what you want for your space. Essentially, always use proven tricks that will make the eyes focus on the vertical spaces, and less focus on the horizontal spaces.

Starting Point

When you want to decorate a room you need to first assess all the pieces that are available. Decide if you need to add more items or not. To create space for best décor, get rid of clutter. The old damaged furniture and any other items should be disposed. You can donate all the items that you no longer need or use. The items that don’t have to be in the living room can be moved to other rooms, to create space.

Now with the only the pieces that are necessary in the living room, you are set to start the journey of decorating your room.

Paint and color

How to Decorate a Small Living Room (3)

Look at the wall color. Most of wall interiors are painted white.  You can brighten the room without changing the color. Make the room feel larger by adding pale furniture. This is a straightforward way of achieving an elegant room. Use light colored rugs on the floor with beautiful patterns. Rugs are used to express style while making the floor warm an inviting.

White colours make a room look bright. White colour can be used on the walls or floor. You can add white frames to blend well with the walls. Also, in small rooms, use light coloured curtains as they help in maximizing on the available light. Colour determines the tone of a space. Small rooms may have challenge of light hence you need to stick to white or light colours. While bright colours express energy, you can keep them minimal. Choose colours that you wouldn’t mind seeing every day.

Room shape

Some houses have weird shapes. This should however not limit you. You can still play around this shapes to achieve a classy room. Instead of worrying about an odd wall, you can change that wall into a focal point.


Decorate a Small Living Room


A living room must always have furniture. A small room can pose a challenge of decorating the room. When choosing sofas, make sure to have leggy sofas. They appear less heavy making the room feel very spacious. Different furniture arrangements and colour will help in communicating the use for different sections of the room. There should be flow.

Furniture can be used to set a focal point of a room. Don’t locate furniture against the walls. Leaving spaces behind the sofas and tables, make the room feel wider.

Have throw-in pillows on the couches to make the couches cosy, and warm.

Instead of one coffee table, you can use two small ones. This is good for easy mobility within and around the room.


A low ceiling can look unattractive. The good news is that the ceiling can be raised using vertical stripes. The stripes do not necessarily raise the ceiling, but make it to seem high.

Book shelves and storage

How to Decorate a Small Living Room (3)

You can add shelves behind the sofas, to ensure the small space is fully utilized. The shelves will serve as storage facility for keeping the house neat. Make sure room free of clutter. Shelves serve the purpose of keeping a room neat. You can have the shelves painted the same color as the walls.

Focal point

You can add music instruments like a piano to add warmth to the room. The best place to locate this is at the focal point of the room. The color of the piano should be bold and inviting. A neutral colored table can be used, carefully not to compete for attention with the piano. Use fabric tactfully to make the house feel warm and inviting.

Unique pieces and plants

You can go wrong with a collection of unique decoration pieces. Work around color and shapes, to achieve the best looking living room you would imagine of.

If the room has a bay window, make sure to use pale seat as will make the room feel spacious and airy. Window treatment is very important as you can use trapes that make the room feel big.

Additionally, plants help in cleaning the air. However, it is important to add plants that require low maintenance


How to Decorate a Small Living Room (3)

When you are working on achieving a space that feels large, you cannot go wrong with mirrors. Mirrors create a focal point when strategically placed. A large mirror is best placed behind a source of light, at a central place in the room to reflect light. Mirrors give an illusion of a bigger space.


In order to get the best decoration ideas, you should read widely. Understand decoration themes. Choose the theme you are interested in. Let your small room show elegancy and harmony. Decoration of a small room doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve the required elegancy. You can play around with shapes, colours, layout and textures.

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