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Ways to Decor Midcentury Modern Furniture That You’ll Love

‘Timeless’ is the descriptive word for mid-century furniture. Once thrust into prominence in the mid twentieth century, technologies, fashion, furniture have still remained relevant in the modern trends. When not used with care, it can make a room look very dated. A few tricks could however make the room look

‘Timeless’ is the descriptive word for mid-century furniture. Once thrust into prominence in the mid twentieth century, technologies, fashion, furniture have still remained relevant in the modern trends. When not used with care, it can make a room look very dated. A few tricks could however make the room look modern and up to date. Organic influences, and simple forms characterize the designs of mid-century furniture. It is democratic and therefore designed for everyone’s use. Lots of emphasis have been laid on the functionality of the pieces of furniture. It is still puzzling just how mid-century modern furniture has still remained relevant in the market today. Many accolades have been heaped on these pieces of furniture, especially regarding their genius design, their lifespan (longevity) and the ability to transform a room and give it that traditional look. You can add a few things in order to give it a modern feel. The media has also played a role in ensuring that the trend still continues and that the furniture remains fashionable. It is true that there exists a competition in the market between the mid-century furniture and modern designs of furniture.

How to tell that a piece of furniture is mid-century

It is quite difficult to prove whether a piece of furniture is mid-century. The fine craftsmanship and simplicity involved in its design makes the functionality easy. There are obvious signs or clues that would help identify the piece: the hardware or peg legs. There are countries that still manufacture authentic mid-century modern furniture, such as Yugoslavia, Japan, America, Italy and Denmark. You can check the country of manufacture to ensure that you do not get a faux furniture.

Collecting mid-century furniture

If you want to collect and furnish your home with these pieces of furniture, it is expedient that you start with what you lack in your home. There are pieces which tell their own story. When you look at them, they make you remember the story of a family dinner because they are designed to do that. Other tell the story of a wonderful night party; and many more. Some pieces are made using wood veneer while other using solid wood. You may think that the furniture made using wood veneer is not genuine, but the truth is that those made out of it are cheaper and are equally good.

Distinguishing features

The features that distinguish this style have a classic understated look. They have clear lines that have minimal fuss. The functionality of the furniture is very important since the forms of the furniture follow their function. Neat and sleek lines which have both geometric and organic forms are part of the distinguishing characteristics. The pieces have minimal ornamentation, exploring a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials. Some of the non-traditional materials include glass, metal, plywood, vinyl, Lucite and Plexiglas.


Decor Midcentury Modern Furniture

Mid-century colors for furniture range from bright hues which existed in the 1950s to colors that take the semblance of the earth (earthy colors). The wide range of colors which include colors that are neutral and bold. There is also a graphic usage of black and white.

Muted pastels and colors do a great job with these pieces of furniture.

Pattern and texture

Designs of modern mid-century pieces, just like in any other space. It has minimalist shapes and clean lines. Patterns are more prominent in abstract pillows, paintings and many other accessories.

Furnishing mid-century modern style

Decor Midcentury Modern Furniture ideas

Mid-century modern furniture cannot stand alone in any particular space. Creativity demands that there be a supporting cast that adds to the general look of the room. You can use vases and ceramics to achieve this, and add a bit of creativity especially when choosing the right place to position them. Indoor plants can also serve you right if they are your preference. There are wooden leg planters of the mid-century age where you can plant your greeneries and achieve the ambience of your choice.

Do not overdo

“Too much of something is poisonous,” the English proverb will remind us. There is a possibility of using these furniture from the floor to the ceiling of your room. But all things should be done with moderations. Mixing and matching various types and kinds of furniture will just help you break the monotony of things.


Interior décor sanctions the use of floor pillows, throw pillows (even those that are covered with Mongolian fur or faux fur), terrariums, sconces (candle sconces) and many other decorative items. But the furniture plays a big role in enhancing the ambience of a room. You do not want to keep everything uniform in a room. You should consider having different heights of furniture within your living room. It is not so good to keep everything too low or too high. For instance, when you have a sofa that is too low and a low coffee table, you could try adding something else of a different height. An arc lamp can help bring the contrast in the heights to complete the space.

Wood details

Decor Midcentury Modern Furniture ideas

Wood details, which hail from the influence of the Scandinavian, still is a unifying element. The finished or unfinished wood may be used in a variety of ways for décor details. Doors and door knobs, ceilings and storage, are a few ways in which they are used. Plastic chairs can have a good finish by adding a wooden detail on the legs. This is a good design that is eye-catching.

Mid-century modern furniture are ideal for home use, and especially public offices and other public places such as museums for exhibitions. The furniture has rich history, which dates back to the World War II where furniture that would be used by soldiers in war was needed. That period saw the construction of many buildings that required to be furnished with many pieces for utility purposes. It is here that there was a general influx, and many pieces were made.

When you think of mid-century modern furniture, the phrase “old is gold,” comes to mind.

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