Best Bathroom Plants to Decorate

How To Decorate The Bathroom With Natural Plants?

Naturally, plants help us bring a pleasant touch to our bathroom. Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to keep them alive in this kind of indoor environment. Decorating our bathroom is one of the most successful creative, economic task and easy to maintain. To prevent plants from dying, it

Naturally, plants help us bring a pleasant touch to our bathroom. Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to keep them alive in this kind of indoor environment. Decorating our bathroom is one of the most successful creative, economic task and easy to maintain.

To prevent plants from dying, it is essential to assess conditions of our bathroom. In this way, they can survive for a long time. The light, ventilation and available space are the most important factors to consider before buying a plant.

For example, if the room has low light, we could bet on bamboo. As this type of plant does not require too much care. Furthermore, it does not need too much light to grow and, according to Feng Shui, it is perfect for separating bad energies. Another plant that does not need much light are ferns and ivies (vines in general) although their rapid growth makes them incompatible with small baths.

If the bathroom requires more vivid colors, the most recommendable options are the hyacinth and the orchid. As they adapt bathroom’s humidity perfectly and they are available in market in different colors.

In order to deserve stylish look for the plants, it is important to take into account the decorative style of the bathroom. For example, if the orientation is of a rustic style, the plants will best combine with more elongated leaves.

How to select your best bathroom plants to decorate

The bathroom plants are not just for decoration. They also absorb organic air pollutants emitted by household items such as the stove / kitchen or detergents. Before selecting your plants, study the environment of the bathroom room in terms of light, temperature, humidity and available space. Is your bathroom sunny or without windows? Is it extremely humid? Choose plants that will thrive under specific conditions. You can choose on your way from the variety of species.

There are tropical species and, therefore, live happily in the typically warm and humid environment of a bath. In general, terms, tropical plants with their need for low light, high humidity and minimal care are ideal options for bath plants. Space is another consideration: for a small bathroom, you should choose plants in pots that can be placed on the windowsill or on the shelf. Alternatively, you can hang pots from the ceiling. If your bathroom has adequate space on the floor, the tall floors give it elegance and drama.

The best plants for the bathroom and why you should have them

The best options are the spider plant, the lily of peace and aloe vera, which purify carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde, respectively, from the air. Other options are Boston ferns and orchids. These best bathroom plants require little light, high humidity and minimal care, then know how to take care of them and get the best out of them.

1. Aloe vera

This plant is also known as aloe. The ancient Egyptians called aloe vera “the plant of immortality” for its amazing healing and its nutritional properties. Aloe vera can also clean formaldehyde from the air in your home.

Aloe Vera will give a new look to your bathroom. As a bath plant, aloe vera needs minimal care. Place it near a window (as it needs a lot of light for its grow) that provides indirect light, moderate watering and simply watch it unfold. It is also good to have it in the bathroom if you run out of moisturizer or you need to calm the bite of an insect. This plant in particular has numerous properties that already mentioned. Some of them are also:

  • You can use the leaves gel locally to relieve burns caused by sun exposure.
  • Its local use in the oral mucosa relieves the symptoms of canker sores.
  • Ingesting this gel helps fight constipation or colon problems.
  • Combat and prevent acne.
  • If you use the gel in the form of a mask, it helps to eliminate the dandruff from the hair.

2. The spider plant

The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is a great option. If you are a newbie in indoor gardening or do not have a lot of time to care for the plant. It blossoms in relatively cool temperatures. Adequate watering, well-drained soil and indirect light are required for this indoor plant. It grows abundantly. In the blink of an eye, the “mother” plant will produce baby spiders that you can use to multiply your family of spider plants.

3. Lilies of peace

The peace lily (Spathiphyllum) has bright leaves of dark green color and waxy, white “flowers”. They are not really flowers but bracts of hooded leaves that grow on the tiny flowers. The name is real of its properties. This tropical plant conveys tranquility. It is popular as a home or office plant.

The moderate low light is sufficient for the lilies of peace. Keep in mind that the greater amount of light will result in the plant having a greater amount of white “flowers”. Excess water can kill it. Water them moderately, approximately once a week. First pay attention to the top soil if it is dry. If the broad leaves become dusty, clean them or give your peace lily a quick shower. To ensure high humidity, give them a daily spray or place them near the bathroom area when you take a warm shower (avoiding contact with chemicals).

4. Orchids

Orchids are perhaps the ideal plants for an exotic spa environment of the bathroom. Bright but indirect sunlight and high levels of humidity mimic the natural habitat of the orchid. With its relatively small size and lack of foliage, orchids are a good choice for small bathrooms. That adding a beautiful touch of color.

5. Boston ferns

This type of plants and other vines are ideal for your bathroom. These bright green ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) require cool temperatures, high humidity, moderate and indirect lighting to flourish in a bath. Their dense cheerfulness makes them a good option if the bathroom space has no limit fill the place with green and life.

The care they need are few, but you should keep this in mind:

  • The humidity environment must be high as Boston ferns tend to suffer from dry air
  • Spray the water frequently to wet enough
  • Should receive enough light, but not directly.
  • It is important that the place have good ventilation.
  • It is not necessary to prune them, they adapt to the environment.

The ferns are typically in pots or peat baskets. Give the basket a monthly soak and drain well afterwards so that the ferns stay well hydrated.

6. Bamboo

Bamboo is a green plant that adapts perfectly to the bathroom environment. It requires low light to grow which makes it perfect for dark baths. It is convenient to reside in front of a mirror. Therefore, that mirror project natural light. You must have the following cares:

  • Apply plenty of water. It is an aquatic plant. Therefore, irrigation is essential.
  • Do not expose to sunlight directly or indirectly. As the plant requires low light.
  • Use fertilizers.

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