All The different types of toilets

All The Different Types Of Toilets & Options For Your Bathroom

While you may not be aware, there are many different types of toilets. When you embark on a journey to buy a toilet, this will surprise you. If you don’t have prior information on various types of toilets, it might overwhelm you in settling for a toilet of choice. That’s why this

While you may not be aware, there are many different types of toilets. When you embark on a journey to buy a toilet, this will surprise you. If you don’t have prior information on various types of toilets, it might overwhelm you in settling for a toilet of choice. That’s why this article comes in hand. You should read it to the end to familiarise yourself with different toilet types available. The information will make it easy for you in shopping around and choosing the best toilet that suites you.

In this article, we will give you detailed information on each toilet type. We will state the distinctive features that make each type unique.

How to Choose a good toilet?

First, establish what type of toilet you want. Different types of toilets work differently. It’s important to ask yourself what you are looking for. if you are looking for a toilet that will help conserve water, then you will narrow your choice to the toilet types that consume little water.

Secondly, establish the toilet style you want. This is equally important, since there are various styles of toilets for each type. You will be surprised to come across different designs of toilets but in the same category. You need to ask yourself how many pieces of toilet would like your toilet to be in. also, you need to ask yourself whether you want the toilet to be mounted on the floor, or you would like a wall-hanged toilet.

The following are various toilet styles;

One-piece toilet

The whole set of the toilet is made of the same material type. The bowl, trapway and the tank are made of a common material, making the installation of this toilet simple. It is easy to clean and maintain this toilet.

Two-piece toilet

The toilet set is manufactured in two pieces that are assembled into a complete set on site. The toilet water tank and the bowl are sold separately.

Once the toilet develops a problem, you can easily replace the piece that has worn out making it better than the one-piece where you have to replace the whole set. The two-piece toilets are long-lasting too. 

Wall-hanging toilet.

These toilets are most common in contemporary architecture. The toilets are fascinating though are not common in household set-ups.

The toilet bowl hangs from the wall while the toilet water tank is invisible since it’s hidden behind the wall. The flush plate is strategically mounted on the wall.

The wall-hanging toilets take up little space, hence suitable in small rooms. For the toilet to be functional, they have to be considered during the design stage of the overall house. they cannot be installed as an afterthought.

Importantly, toilets are manufactured in standard dimensions. Each part of the toilet is designed within a standard dimension range for comfortable use. For instance, there are different kinds of toilet bowl based on varied sizes and shapes. You can get a customised toilet with specific dimension. The best way to settle on the suitable dimension is to consider who will be using the toilet. For instance, for small children you will require a small toilet set.

Also, don’t forget about the budget when choosing a toilet. You can fix the budget prior. Budget helps you narrow down the options you have. There are affordable toilets, as well as expensive toilets. it all depends on how much you would like to spend on toilets.

For your information, toilet types are classified based on the how they flush and how the waste if disposed. Following are common types of toilets;


From the name, the toilet uses pressure to flush. Basically, the toilet system has pressurized are that makes the water from the tank powerfully flow into the bowl. For forceful flushes, the toilet produces noise.

Despite the noise, the toilet is very effective. The toilet is popular in public buildings where there is the high traffic of toilet users. The toilets are less prone to clogging.


These are the most popular toilets in every household. You must have come across these toilets since they are the oldest.

The toilet comes with a water tank that holds the flushing water. After toilet use, you press the flush valve. Once the valve is pressed, water flows from the tank to the bowl pushing away the waste into trap way.

These toilets require minimal maintenance since they don’t have many moving parts. Also, the toilet bowls are easy to clean. The toilet does not make a lot of noise, making it suitable for any building.


These toilets are popular in construction sites, and other temporarily camping and settlement sites. the toilets are suitable in places where there is no plumbing work and there is no water system in place. You cannot use these toilets in permanent homes.


This toilet type allows you to choose which flush option to use. The toilet gives two option you can choose from- half flush and full-flush. Half flush is suitable for flushing liquid waste, while full flush is suitable for solid waste.

The half flush is gravity feed flushing option. Where else full flush uses pressure-assisted technic. This toilet is the best since it’s good in conserving water.


These toilets are suitable for people who are conscious about water conservation. The toilet bowl is designed and fitted with two nozzles along the rim. The nozzles provide double cyclone flushing. The flushing is powerful making the toilet less prone to clogging.

The toilets are new in the market; hence they are not as common as the ordinary toilets. Due to their benefit, we know the toilets will be a household name in the coming future, as prefer them over the traditional options.

Final word

Above, is a brief description of toilet types and styles you will come across next time you visit a toilet shop. Notably, there is a lot more information on toilet classification and how they function. With this basic information it will be easier for you to easily go through any other information to make the final decision.

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