Home Decorating Basics : Decorating a Bookcase

Hi I’m Ann Myrick and today we’re going to talk about decorating your book case. I really love books in a book case.

I am a decorator and I love doing unpredictable things but, I really like the weight of books in a book case so a lot of the tips that I will show you as far as working with book cases, we’ll be using books, what I like to do is no matter how deep your book case is. I like to bring the books forward so it looks really full and I usually bring the books forward to right to the edge of the shelf and then I like using like sizes I like distributing the colors and I don’t want all reds together, I don’t want all yellows together I prefer using old book cases, I mean I’m sorry, I prefer using old books but a lot or most people have the new books because that is what they are reading and so what I did is I pretty much put books in this book case and then I once in a while I put a neat accessory or a fun accessory in it Now a lot of times what people will do is they’ll put a lot of little accessories in a book case which really gets lost and so you really need if you are going to decorate with accessories you need to do one big piece so we have books and one big piece We have books and what I did is I staggered so the vase is over here and so I put this big silver piece that is loaded with pens and pencils over here so I kind of staggered

Here I kind of started not having many books and so a lot of times I don’t do this I really continue like in books but I used big pieces and I just tried to make it interesting, old family baskets with a picture in it, rusted garden piece that I brought in but you will see that I have mostly bigger pieces in here I have one piece I love using, the childrens’ arts and crafts that they did in school and so you’ll see that throughout this book case I have a few of the art pieces that my child made and bring in those fun pieces like pipes and spectacles and just use those also but make your book cases interesting, anchor them and make them look like they have weight in them This is Ann Myrick and that is how to decorate a book case

Sonia W. Trevino