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You'll never believe where I found most of everything on this table and how little it cost I'm working on yet another tablescape

And I love to come to this place — it's an antique mall called Antiques and Uniques And what's interesting about it is that, well, they've got a lot of different things But today I'm focused on milk glass I don't have a lot milk glass — I inherited some I have this idea: I found these little chickens

I've been going around here trying to find as many of them as I can They were very popular in the 1930s and 40s and through the 50s They're just little hens on a nest Often they were larger My mom and grandmother and even great-grandmother had some of them

And they're made of milk glass So far, I've found this one for $750, not too bad The very same chicken form a different dealer, $13 — so we'll have to work on the price there We'll see

Anyway, I'm just kinda going around and seeing how many of these little hens I can find and other things that might work together for this tablescape So it looks like here we got a dealer who has got all kinds of milk glass And, okay, look, here's some of these hens I was talking about But look at the difference here in the price I mean, this hen is 10 bucks, and this one is $20, okay

Maybe there's some discount here? But milk glass is really interesting — let me be a real nerd here for just a moment It's very old, actually, the concept You see it as early as the 16 century And it came in all different colors — blue and pink and so forth And it's pressed

So there's molds made and these things are pressed You can see, there are all forms of it I mean, vases and things to hold all kinds of food items and jellies and jams and candies, and all kinds of things Milk glass became popular, or they began making it in American in the 1830s So it goes way back

But most of this is really turn of the century, maybe 1920s, 1930s It's really interesting as you go around and you look at milk glass because it has various degrees of translucence In fact, some even have sort of a clear band or little ribbon around the edge The white actually comes from either bone ash or tin dioxide That's what gives it its opaque white quality

So it must have something to do — I mean, this one is very, very dense in its white color Whereas others are much more translucent So I have to believe this has more perhaps tin dioxide in it than some of the others Okay, so here's some of these little treasures that I found at work We have the table set for an Easter breakfast

Using the Jane Ray Jadite as the the base plate, and then the petal ware, which I love, so sort of translucent and milky at the same time And then here we've just taken an ordinary egg cup with one of our heritage hen's eggs right in the center, with it all assembled around a single white placemat on just the clean wood table, which I think is a nice contrast because we got a lot of brown going on too If you look at some of the other things that I found: Here's that tray and here's the bowl that I found in milk glass And I've just filled it with artificial eggs and some candy eggs (yum, yum) that are all mixed in here with some Easter grass And then luckily the tulips are in bloom, and I just filled these little milk glass juice glasses full of tulip blooms that work with our color theme of white, pink, apricot, and of course, green that we see represented here with the Jadite

Well, it looks like a hen party, really Look at all of my glass chickens Here's one of my milk glass big chickens that I found, and here's the other one Then in front of each place setting you just raise the lid and look — there's some little candy surprises for guests under each one of these little hens And then I got some little Jadite hens sitting on top of these milk glass plates there and there

So the table is completely balanced I got a little height going with just a couple of clear glass vases filled with artificial eggs that echo the color theme So you see how by going to some secondhand stores, antique shops, flea marks, you can find all kinds of interesting things to put together a table that doesn't cost a lot, that's very stylish, and something that will delight your guests Hey, if you're enjoying these style ideas, check in with us regularly, we got tons of them And tell a friend

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