DIY Crafts : Room Decor + organization for Spring & Easter | DIY ideas for teenagers

Hey guys! In this video I'm gonna share diy room decor + organisation ideas for spring + Easter give a thumbs up if you like this video anytime and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already For the first one you need basket flowers glue and cutter Start by cutting these stems and using glue stick all these flowers all around the basket use small flowers for this DIY because bigger flowers may not stick and fall down use it as jewelry organisation or pen or pen drive organisation for your study table For this you need flowers photo frame glue cutter egg acrylic paint and paint brush Start with cutting stems I've removed the glass of photo frame As background of my photo frame is black so I' cutting a white paper of same size as the glass and I've put this paper in my photo frame now take your flowers and arrange them in an oval shape I'm actually giving them a shape of an egg when you're satisfied with the shape, stick them using glue now take an egg I've already emptied the egg and washed it inside by making a hole So now it's ready for decoration Paint this egg you may make some other designs on it for Easter but I'm using plain colored egg Stick this egg on middle of the photo frame using glue For the next one, you need glass bottle lace brooch glue and scissors First measure the lace to cover the bottle and cut it accordigly check how many pieces you need to wrap the whole bottle I used broad lace so 2 is sufficient for me now stick this lace using glue and we have to wrap the lace all around the bottle I used my empty fruit jam bottle actually So it's really great idea for using the waste empty bottles that you are gonna throw in dustbin

yes !! Now take a thin lace I chose white for me and cut the lace measuring the length you need for the bottle stick this lace a bit lower than middle I chose this position according to my bottle but stick according to your bottle and your laces upper, lower or middle whatever looks good stick the ends properly I'm gonna place this part as back and in front part, I'm gonna glue this brooch Use it as makeup brush holder I'm using it for my nail art brushes or you may use it as candle holder for the last one you need flowers scissors or cutters golder lace and glue yes mirror I forgot to show it in the video 😛 stick the lace all around the mirror border As mirror is very large so I'm showing only one part of this mirror now cut this flower stem and stick these flowers only on the corner of the mirror Don't go for sticking flowers directly First arrange them in different different manner and different color combination and click some photos and then glue in the same manner that you like the most Yes! This is pretty much it in this video I hope you enjoyed Give a thumbs up if you like and don't forget to subscribe I'll see you very soon Bye Bye and take care 🙂

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