DIY Cardboard Cactuses | Epiphany ♡

Hello guys welcome back to my channel I'm Ni from Epiphany and I'm back with another video

I was going to make some new decorations for my room and decided to film the process for you guys I didn't film myself cutting off the cactuses shapes because I think it's easy to do so I colored the cardboard using watercolors and a green marker but you can use other art supplies if you want Here are the things you'll need Roll some bits of tape and glue the pieces around it

Put the piece you've just created inside a recipient and add the pebbles Bend the cardboard leaves and you're done For the next DIY you're going to need some paint to make dots on your recipient then just bury your cactus on the dirt and you're done! That is all for this video I strongly advise you not to light up the candle and just use it as a decoration Well I hope you liked this video, I'll see you on my next video


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