Coworking Spaces Are Better Than Coffee Shops For Freelancers – Dallas

Going Freelance? Best decision ever I’m my own boss now, and I wanted to work somewhere with a good view

But this is just crazy Working from home is way better It’s cozy, there’s no commute, pajama days, and pixie days, and zombie days But having clients over? Not always the best idea So the coffee shop

They have great coffee All day long Every day, coffee coffee, coffee, muffin! I can get work done here, the Upload speed is good, meetings are doable, except when we’re all having meetings… So I use Common Desk Common Desk is the place where I go to get things done It’s open when I want to work, it’s safe and secure, there are meeting rooms, open desks, and private offices, all with flexible membership rates

There’s a copy room, mailboxes, and a kitchen There’s great coffee, and even beer on tap If I’m near downtown, I stop in to Deep Ellum If I’m in Oak Cliff, I stay in Oak Cliff It’s my office, it’s my address, it’s the right size for the right price, with people who are just like me, working at Common Desk

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Sonia W. Trevino