Best Info for Workspace/Desk Tour 2017

Welcome to my favorite place in the house I have been obsessed with the idea of organization and minimalism lately which gave birth to my current workspace this desk was not bought but designed by a personal interior designer it has two inbuilt cabinets and a drawer first of all there is a window right in front of my desk that acts as a direct source of light the original surface of my desk is covered with a printed plastic now to keep the tabletop more spacious i have hung a pink storage basket on one side which contains two pencil holders and papers of importance the matching pink wiry pencil holder has stationary i use on a regular basis this glitz tumbler i got from B&M holds my basic art equipment there’s other stuff like a mini nail clipper a stapler and an Irish tin whistle for collection purposes in the pink basket moving on there is a tricolored multistorey box that holds random knickknacks some of those knickknacks are a container of Vaseline post it notes and pushpins beneath the multi-storey box is my planner that says do epic shit in 2016 diary and a sketchbook atop it is an indoor bamboo that I think adds characters to the space further is the cutest thing ever it is actually an Italian pastry box that i have repurposed as a container it defines vintage and it holds a proud place on my desk it contains my beats solo2 headphones a feather quill and my macbook air charger on top of the box is a small bottle of moisturizer my instax mini eight polaroid camera and my first-ever polaroid picture peeking out from the top slit as a memory this is a Norwegian troll which is believed in Norway to bring good luck in the corner of my desk sits a plant plans induce positivity increase productivity and it just adds a touch of mother nature in general and most importantly is my dear laptop computer which has a very minimalistic wallpaper but it helps me remember the date that is all for my desk the contents of my drawer and cabinets are not worth showing they include papers files books and pieces of decor i have no place to display I also like to keep a bottle of water handy now on the wall beside my desk is a kind of like a collection of vintage frames that acts as a quote board for me there are two glass shelves one of which holds my current read i like the overall vibes my workspace gives off it is uplifting and even when I’m not technically working it provides a peaceful retreat i hope you liked this tour if you like me to give you an in-depth idea about organization and work space designs to suit individual needs let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you you so much for watching bye

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Sonia W. Trevino