37 Easy and Cheap Decorating Ideas For Your House by Alanna Okun & Greta Alvarez

By the time you’ve paid your rent, bought your furniture, and forked over cash for toilet paper the last thing you want is to drop more money. This is 37 Easy and Cheap Decorating Ideas For Your House by Alanna Okun & Greta Alvarez

1. Hang art on your empty wall

There’s a ton of free public domain art available online like from public library sites or Wikimedia Commons All you need is a printer and maybe a frame if you fancy

2. Display keys from everywhere you’ve lived

If you have roommates or live with a significant other, add theirs to the collection too! Picked up an affordable little shadow box from target and simply scribbled the location and date of each key underneath

3 Find a better way to use your old stack of books

You could Stack them to make a fashionable side table, use them to hide unsightly things like cords or your router or just strap on a cushion on it and call it a seat

4 Make garlands from paper cut-outs

Made a heart template out of posterboard and then traced and cut out all of the hearts. Sewed each strand together, wrapped each line around the wood and secured the string on the top and back with tape. Cut some lace and hot glued it over the front of the wood, making sure to seal each string

5 Use paint chips to cover an entire wall

You could use removable poster tape or painters tape to minimize wall damage

6 Download and print this adorable calendar or even-more-adorable 3D letters

7 You could also use these patent-design prints or just a simple wall flowers

8 If you want to decorate with jars or wine bottles nail polish remover will help you to take the labels off

9 Use newspaper to make a wall design, like a map or just straight-up use maps even if you did it without the frames, it’s still looks pretty rad

10 Re-cover you boring or beat-up lampshade with a DIY Vintage Lampshade

11 Print out your instagrams Even if *you* don’t have a printer for all of these chances are your office or your friend or your friends’ office does If everything else fail, you can spring for a couple bucks to have Staples do it

12 Display old t-shirts that have sentimental value Mount them on canvas if you have any or you could use squares of cardboard cut from old boxes

13 DIY a custom rug from caret samples

Attach bunch of them using duct tape or display them individually

14 Hang pieces of fabric samples as wallpaper

There’s a lot of places that will give out wallpaper samples for free Use them well If fabric samples is too hard, you could use leftover wrapping paper instead

15 Display magazines on hangers

It’s a step above taping torn covers to your dorm room walls Simply open your most favorite magazines in the middle and strip them on the hanger Easy-peasy

16 Hang Vintage Posters from FreeVintagePosterscom

17 Spruce up a bland wall with colorful tape

It’s so simple even the most Pinterest-challenged of aspiring home improvers could do it All you need is colorful tape, scissors, and a desire to be happy

(Bonus points if you use washi tape!)

18 Make a Pop-Art picture of your dog

Take a photo of your dog, print it on a a piece of pink paper (play around with the contrasts) cut the image out, and glue it to a yellow sheet of paper Do that and you’re basically Andy Warhol with a printer, glue, paper, and scissors

19 DIY A headboard made of books

First head to your local thrift store and find yourself a lot of old books. Get a piece of wood the size you want for your headboard and then mark the matress height Find the perfect book layout Mark the order you want the book in then hammer books in place Stick the top pages in place with some double sided tape And voila… your new headboard is ready

20. Make a unique rug using strips of cloth

You’ll need a non-slip cloth, one of those with little holes, and strips of cloth In just a little bit of time, you’ll have a super stylish and ultra comfy rug Follow the exact step by step guide at Craftaholics Anonymouse

21 Make a polka-dotted wall or try a cool variation on your door

Gold on a white wall makes for a truly unforgettable effect. All you need is contact paper and scissors, and BOOM you have a stunning decoration that’s also super easy to remove when you get bored with it

22 Use tree trunks as tables Of course,

you’ll have to have a lumberjack friend, or something like that…

23 Decorate the washer and dryer with adhesive tape

Instead of washi tape Use insulating tape or electrician’s tape (the kind you use on electrical cables) to make doing your laundry slightly less annoying. You can get the tape in any hardware store

24 Hang photos, magazine images, or any other pictures on clipboards

It’s got a workshop-y feel to it and is sure to be the envy of all your ~artsy~ friends

25 Add a touch of color to your old chair

Spray a can of spray paint to give your old chair chair a new lease on life

26 Make a wall of license plates in your bathroom

The greater the variety of years and cities you have, the better

27 Hang your photos in an original way

Get an old picture frame, clothespins, some string, and your best photo memories printed out and you’re set

28 Refresh your dining room table with different color chairs

It adds a welcome pop of color to your space and is sure to brighten up your mornings Find chairs which already come with variety of color or if you can’t find it, spray paint them

29 Turn an old drawer into a mini-shelf

You don’t have to go to Ikea to get a look like this Within an hour, you can achieve a more unique version for far less money Simply repaint them, and attach them to your wall – Easy…

30 A rustic coat hanger for fall

Prepare a piece of wood, sand and then paint them Collect some dried branches, cut each piece at the base with a hand saw at a slight angle so when you place them on the face of the wood, they go diagonally upward Drill some holes in the diagonal direction as marked attach the branches with screws and a little bit of glue at the base Easy and awesome

31 Use a ladder as a bookshelf

Ladders are really useful to have around, but they also take up a lot of space. Make the most of this necessity by adorning it with all your favorite books and maybe a framed picture or a vase of flowers at the top

32 A cool vintage flower pot

The idea is to transplant a plant to a vintage piece (in a bag so you can still water it) Just make sure you use plants that don’t require a lot of care and that don’t have very long roots

33 Revive something old

Most of us have furniture in our homes that we LOVE but we don’t get excited over them So what should we do? Take some risks and give them a makeover! Step 1: Use masking tape, and mark some evenly spaced points on the bottom circular edge of the lamp shade Step 2: Paint the pattern onto the shade

When the paint dries, carefully peel off the tape With only 2 steps, now we have a totally different looking lamp shade

34 Ombré paint to revive an old dresser

Choose a color and paint each drawer with a different shade

35 Use an old window or closet door to hold your mail and postcards

When you see one of these, grab it, paint it, and put it to better use

36 If you have stairs in your house, paint them to give more life into your house

37 Brighten up a corner of your room and add letters, photos, and other ~inspiration~


Literally the only thing you need is a set of lights, an empty wall, and some inspirational photos and letters And that’s all for now… We hope that all tips on this blog could help you redocorate your house better.Thank you for visiting this website. If you want more details again, you can watch the video that we attach. Best help and useful. Thank you

Sonia W. Trevino